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a smart contract based platform for the secure management and monetisation of digital identities

Air will make it easier to utilise advancements in cryptography to conduct digital identity based transactions with precision while providing a fairer distribution of identity monetisation benefits.

About Air


A study by Boston Consulting Group estimated that just 10% of people have ever used six or more out of eight common privacy protecting techniques such as private browsing, disabling cookies, and opt-in/out. Few individuals are actually in control of their digital identity.

However, the study also revealed that people who can manage and protect their privacy are up to 52% more willing to share data than those who are not.

Cryptographic tools such as Pretty Good Privacy (PGP) have been available for decades, but their use in digital identity systems has been largely ignored by the general public due to nonintuitive and complex user experiences that have hindered adoption.

The Challenge

In an increasingly digital society, personal data has become a new form of currency. Online services often require users to share their personal identity data with a myriad of corporations while having little say in how that information is used, and in many cases the monetary benefits of this data being exploited for commercial usage are unfairly distributed. Air will seek to disrupt this lopsided arrangement through the use of encryption and smart contracts.


The Air platform leverages blockchain technology via the implementation of a smart contract customised by user specifications to facilitate cryptographically secured digital identity management actions such as per transaction authentication, authorisation and post transaction attestation.

We hope to enable a safer and fairer online experience for users.

  • Function

    By insulating a user’s identity data from the identity transaction itself, Air creates an extra layer of security for identity fraud resistance and allows for full privacy controls.

  • Design

    Built on open source technologies and defined from its initiation as an open standards based platform in an effort to maintain interoperability and portability between systems.

  • Technology

    Leveraging Omnilayer infrastructure and Linux Foundation's Hyperledger, Air uses tested and proven solutions to execute its identity transactions.

  • Purpose

    Air facilitates user control over identity verification as well as monetisation, online security, and privacy through smart contracts.

Project Leaders

Our Team

Air is a large undertaking with multiple aspects. The team that's been assembled to bring it to fruition consists of many specialised and experienced folks who are keen to see it through.

Air Crowdsale

XID token

XID tokens are used within the Air platform to facilitate identity based transactions and handle profit-sharing disbursement based on the customisable monetisation agreements that users can engage in. By using Omnilayer to issue a digital asset via Bitcoin's blockchain, the distribution of the benefits for monetising digital identities can be handled through a decentralised mechanism that's far more transparent and verifiable than legacy systems.

Crowdsale Details

A total of 50 million XID tokens will be distributed to participants.


A timeline of development details can be viewed via TeamGantt

Air Crowdsale


All funds raised via the Air crowdsale will be held under a formal escrow arrangement with multi-signature authorisation required prior to the release of any funds. Disbursement is to be based on agreement concerning achievement of major project milestones.

Escrow signatories:

Daren Seymour (Director, SPHRE)
Fran Strajnar (CEO, BraveNewCoin)
Patrick Dugan (Director, OMNI Foundation).



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