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SPHRE is pursuing the development of more secure online services by applying new insights and developments in application design and methodology. Our project pipeline is centered around improving upon the legacy systems that are overdue for an overhaul.



Bringing together industry experts and forward thinkers, SPHRE researches solutions to recurring problems and inefficiencies.

The Challenge

Improvements in technologies have far outpaced their actual usages. A great number of amazing developments and accomplishments are going underutilised or improperly implemented for one reason or another. SPHRE aims to sort through the tangles and knots that are clogging progress by identifying and addressing the issues at hand.

SPHRE Projects


Our project pipeline is formulated by delving into the situations and markets that are overdue for technology based improvements.


A smart contract based platform for the secure management and monetisation of digital identities, Air will make it easier to utilise advancements in cryptography to conduct digital identity based transactions with precision and a fairer distribution of the benefits from identity monetisation.


Unlocking more responsive medical services by utilising the smart contract based access controls of Air. From more accurate patient verification and faster insurance processing to securely decentralised storage and distribution of medically relevant data, Eon is our effort towards a better healthcare system with less headaches and hiccups.


The rapid but still developing emergence of Internet of Things (IOT) products has created a new source of vulnerabilities as well as opportunities. Securing access rights and managing coordination between devices down to the personal level, CTRL is also an extension of the Air platform.

Project Leaders


SPHRE consists of many specialised and experienced folks that are actively involved with blockchain companies and projects as well as capable experts from a variety of fields.

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